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You can find here the badges you earned via the Open Badges MAC-Team platform via the partnering projects (WikiNomics, INSIST, TRUST-ME) or simply MAC-Team.
We encourage you to take some by selecting the badges you would like to take and by following the relevant steps as presented at:

  • WikiNomics (Wikinomie, collaborative, sharing and coopetive attitudes)
  • INSIST (Transition/transmission of family-owned SMEs and mentoring approach)
  • TRUST-ME (Mentoring of SMEs)

Please feel free to also contact us if you would like to similarly host your own Open Badges system and enlarge the sharing and validation community.


OB01 L03 passedThis badge represents the level 03 (third level) - "Context of Open Badges for a VET EU project" in the badge category "Awareness on Open Badges in a VET project context" (VET = Vocational Educaiton and Training) within the complete learning path related to Open Badges in relation with European projects like the INSIST Project.

In totality, there are 5 categories of Open Badges (OBs), each one with 4 levels (stars) depending on the knowledge/skills/expertise in the corresponding category:


  1. Awareness
    To validate the basic knowledge and context related to Open Badges and to Open Badges in relation with a VET project
  2. Contributor
    To validate the level of involvement of the members of a VET community to the development and design of the various Open Badges in relation with the project topics and activities
  3. Ambassador
    To validate the capacity and involvement of members of the VET project community in evangelising and disseminating the project's Open Badges.
  4. Gardener
    To validate the capacity and involvement of members of the VET project community in implementing and maintaining the project's Open Badges and its community of users and beneficiaries.
  5. Manager
    To validate the capacity in technically and conceptually designing and implementing the Open Badges within the project's context.

This badge OP01-L03 - "Context of Open Badges for a VET EU project" is earned by people who will have fulfiled the following actions:

  • passed the corresponding on-line quiz with minium 80% score. (the quiz is accessible to registered members only)
  • The quiz includes 5 questions with a maximum total of 60 points.

OB01 L01, L02 and L03 passed