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Insist logo 01 180INtergenerational Succession in SMEs' Transition - INSIST

The INSIST project seeks to support the survival and growth of family-based SMEs in two ways

  1. Through research to gather and disseminate information to highlight the specific characteristics of the family-based SME sector.
  2. Thanks to the development and piloting of higher level training modules that are in tune with the interests and needs of those seeking to manage and lead or support successful, sustainable family SMEs.
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TRaining for Unique Skills and Techniques for MEntoring - TRUST-ME

The project “TRUST ME” will develop an advanced curriculum for mentors and start the development of networks of mentors with the long term objective to create national networks covering regions, countries and whole European regions.

The TRUST ME project develops 4 training modules for the capacity building of mentoring skiils (in English, French, Hungarian, Romanian and Finnish) for different target groups (Mentors primarily plus some SME owners and manager and higher educational students):

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OB01 with all 4 sub-levels obtained

In the series of quizzes on Open Badges, the present quiz corresponds to the first level in the category "Awareness on Open Badges in the context of a VET (Vocational Education and Training) project" (ref OB01) out of four possible levels.

In totality there are 5 categories of quizzes on Open Badges (OB), each one with 4 levels (stars) of expertise/skills.

  1. OB01 - Awareness on Open Badges in a VET project context* OB01-L01 - What is Open Badges?
    1. ** OB01-L02 - Key functional elements of Open Badges
    2. *** OB01-L03 - Context of Open Badges for a VET project
    3. **** OB01-L04 - Convergence OB and ECVET/ECTS.
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