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The INSIST project seeks to support the survival and growth of family-based SMEs in two ways

  1. Through research to gather and disseminate information to highlight the specific characteristics of the family-based SME sector.
  2. Thanks to the development and piloting of higher level training modules that are in tune with the interests and needs of those seeking to manage and lead or support successful, sustainable family SMEs.

How to deal with the transfer of businesses from one generation to the next is an issue for the sustainability of all economies.
European and national statistics reveal the importance of ownership and management transition in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
In the next 10 years, 1/3 of Europe’s private firms will have to undergo a transfer of ownership.
This means that up to 690 000 firms will transfer the control to the next generation every year.

The INSIST projects develops 4 training modules on INtergenerational Succession in SMEs' Transition (in English, French, Hungarian and Polish) for different target groups (SME owners and manager; and higher educational students):

  • Strategic issues
  • Mentoring
  • Legal and financial problems
  • Social and cultural topics 

The Mentoring module has been chosen to explore the integration OpenBadges into its structure and delivery (both at mentors and SME owners levels). The corresponding OpenBadges are part of the validation and recognition process of the vocational training dimension to pave the way towards and ECVET inclusion. This pilot phase is also paving the way for more advanced projects in the field such as "Trust Me" (starting November 2015).

The platform is supporting the INSIST project in this approach, and soon badges related to the INSIST mentoring module will be implemented here. To be kept informed please send us your details.

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