To access the forms ... you need a simple user account, it is quick and simple!

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  • go to the user creation account page (also accessible at the top right corner of the web page)
    Remark: !!! password requires 8 characters, 2 numbers, 1 symbol and 1 uppercase !!!
  • don't forget to validate your account by clicking on the link you will have received by email (to validate your email)

That's all! Then log to the website using your user account and you will be able to access the forms, surveys and badges.

In case of any difficulty, please contact us!


You want to participate to surveys or you have been invited to provide your feeback on an event or seminar you participated to:

  • to simplify your visit, to give you the opportunity to win the corresponding badges, and to avoid you entering your own data each time,
  • we advise to quickly create a user account.

Once you get a user account, you can access all the feedback forms and surveys open to the members of the OpenBadges platform.

In addition, depending on the communities you are registered to, you may access more surveys and open badges opportunities! :-)

We respect your privacy and don't sell e-mail addresses out!