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OB01 with all 4 sub-levels obtained

In the series of quizzes on Open Badges, the present quiz corresponds to the first level in the category "Awareness on Open Badges in the context of a VET (Vocational Education and Training) project" (ref OB01) out of four possible levels.

In totality there are 5 categories of quizzes on Open Badges (OB), each one with 4 levels (stars) of expertise/skills.

  1. OB01 - Awareness on Open Badges in a VET project context* OB01-L01 - What is Open Badges?
    1. ** OB01-L02 - Key functional elements of Open Badges
    2. *** OB01-L03 - Context of Open Badges for a VET project
    3. **** OB01-L04 - Convergence OB and ECVET/ECTS.
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